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Awesome June 2021 with a massive +70.09 points profit!

VERY LATEST TOTAL - Over +526.99 points profit since inception
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Monthly Combined Profit Figures

Month Monthly Totals Running Total
August 2017 +72.97 +72.97
September +53.01 +125.98
October +38.50 +164.48
November +19.37 +183.85
December +2.67 +186.52
January 2018* -36.86* +149.66
February +1.95 +151.61
March +1.70 +153.31
April +28.84 +182.15
May +4.41 +186.56
June +11.40 +197.60
July +9.41 +207.01
August +35.89 +242.90
September +15.74 +258.64
October +4.88 +263.52
November +5.62 +269.14
December +1.22 +270.36
January 2019 -8.81 +261.55
February +10.02 +271.57
March +25.0 +296.57
April -4.9 +291.67
May +25.5 +317.17
June +5.43 +322.6
July +1.52 +324.12
August -10.5 +313.62
September +2.15 +316.22
October -11.63 +304.59
November -0.28 +304.31
December -5.87 +298.44
January 2020 -34.83 +263.61
February -3.57 +260.04
March +15.13 +275.17
April +0.95 +276.12
May -4.87 +271.25
June -2.63 +268.62
July +8.97 +277.59
August +14.27 +291.86
September +13.01 +304.87
October +12.88 +317.75
November +63.31 +381.05
December +1.07 +382.12
January 2021 +2.0 +384.12
February +25.44 +409.56
March +1.06 +410.62
April +62.31 +472.93
May -16.03 +456.90
June +70.09 +526.99

*January '18 was the biggest loss but all of the losses were mainly due to one contributor of the service which on its own lost 38 points. Members were advised to drop this contributor mid-way through the month and so the real losses were nowhere near that shown but we have included the results up until the end of the month for openness and clarity – at that point we dropped them altogether.

The tips are derived direct from insider knowledge from within certain stables and ex jockeys etc.

May and June 2020 were odd months with little in the way of info due to UK/Irish racing closing down.

An early trial of all the tips for this service has been had at The Total Betting Club.

Andy, the man who provides these tips has several close connections that will provide this quality info for you.

Bets do not come along every day for each service and for some we will see maybe 1 bet a week, however, with them all combined we do generally see bets every day.

The service at present consists of several separate contributors and now includes a couple systems, found nowhere else.

The systems aim for 1 winner and use a recovery style staking. They target favourites and do have a decent strike rate.

For a full breakdown of all the results please see the November 2017 - September 2020 results link below.

Restricted Number Of Members

As the information is sensitive and we don't want to see prices affected too much, we may have to restrict the numbers of members. We won't know for sure how much effect the number of members will have on results but if we start to see the prices drop then we will restrict the numbers. It is therefore advisable to get in early so as to avoid disappointment.

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As a note, if you sign up after the daily info has been sent out and a selection has not yet run then you will receive a copy of the info email ASAP. If it has already run then you will be on the list as from the next day.

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For a full breakdown of results please download the results file, lower left of this page.

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